RACV is helping Victorians make informed decisions about buying energy

We compare every provider

Compare energy plans from all the retailers serving your area

Yep - all of them.

Most comparison services only compare plans from retailers that they have commercial relationships with. RACV Energy Compare shows generally available residential electricity market offers from all retailers. We update our database every month. Learn more here.


At last, a comparison rate for energy

Energy plans can be super complicated, with different tariffs, supply charges, fees, conditional discounts and other financial incentives and credits.

RACV Energy Compare combines all of this into a simple unit price called WattPrice. WattPrice is a calculation of the effective price per unit that you would pay for a retail energy plan, based on your estimated or actual consumption and your behaviour as an energy consumer (particularly your pay on time frequency), letting you compare apples to apples. Learn more here.


Privacy enabled

RACV Energy Compare is free and doesn’t require private information to use.